About Us

AZ Gourmet Foods™ was started to meet the growing demand for high quality gourmet style finger foods. We ensure that all products manufactured by AZ under the highest level of quality control. Our primary target is to provide the best authentic quality frozen food products made from the freshest ingredients. Each product is handmade to perfection. We are progressive in the range of our product line offerings while maintaining top quality. Our repertoire of products continues to grow, all using top quality ingredients that taste great with wide acceptance in the marketplace. AZ Gourmet Foods™ will continue to grow through its premium quality products and excellent customer service.

About Our Team

Manufacturing Standards:

AZ Gourmet Foods™ has a dedicated team whose main goal is to give our customers complete peace of mind that our product is not only safe but also great quality and great tasting. We have a comprehensive HACCP plan detailing operational quality standards and systems to ensure the quality of each product. Our HACCP System is thorough and is subject to regular review to maintain its relevance and effectiveness. AZ is under the jurisdictional oversight of multiple governmental agencies including the USDA, FDA, State and local health departments. We have procedures to consistently supply safe products to the correct quality standards that our customers expect.

AZ's manufacturing process is strictly controlled at all stages, from raw material receipt to final product dispatch. Factory procedures are rigorous and designed to ensure high standards are continually met. Proactive and dedicated Quality Assurance staff monitors production to ensure optimum product quality and safety. Continuous monitoring during the manufacturing process is vital to the success of our products. All finished products are checked to ensure adherence to strict specifications.

AZ Management Team:

Executive Chef Joe Zhou is at the helm of product development for AZ Gourmet Foods™. Chef Joe has thirty plus years of experience in the food industry. Originally trained in traditional Chinese cooking, the evolution of his skills is now classified as Asian fusion. He has worked in food establishments at major hotels, casinos, small signature restaurants during his career before joining AZ Gourmet Foods™. Chef Joe has been recognized by magazines in the restaurant world as well as local papers during his career. All the products at AZ Gourmet Foods™ are recipes he has developed over the years